New Eden Industrial Navy

New Eden Industrial Navy was formed June 2011 in response to the formation of the Greater Itamo Mafia. We have over seven years in nullsec. Being deeply entrenched in nullsec operations, we focus our efforts mostly on the production of capital and super capital ships. 

We supply ships to New Eden with several secure delivery locations. We price all our items at a standard 5% Market, which is checked every 2 to 4 weeks. If you feel a listed price is wrong, feel free to contact us.

New Eden Industrial Navy is always recruiting. We offer nullsec operations as well as a neutral highsec corporation for pilots who aren’t prepared for the politics and PVP nature that is found in nullsec. Our highsec corporation is vital to our operations as well, as it manages our public and coalition stations, mission running, incursions, etc. If your interested in joining us please see the Recruiting section of our website.